Brace Yourself, Next Year Is Nearly Here!

Whether you are off for weeks or not at all it is important to end your working year correctly in order to start the year ahead of you positively with a bounce in your step.  Look to finish up any projects and tie up loose ends. By not having any unresolved issues hanging over your head you can spend your well-deserved break unwinding and calmly planning your goals for the year ahead and how you are going to achieve them with clear focus.
  • Close Out Projects
You don’t want to go into the holidays with an unfinished project playing on your mind. If you finish everything you can before the break its one less thing to worry about.
  • Set Automatic Responses
Set your out of office response on your emails and voice mail. This ensures that anyone who tries to contact you during the break is on the same page about when they can expect you back in the office and answering emails.
  • Get Organised
Go through that inbox, clear up your desk and return in the new year to a fresh start positively
  • Hand In Your Expense Forms
Any forms or reports for that matter, the more organised you are the better your start next year.
  • Reflect On Your Achievements
List your accomplishments and try and be as quantitative as possible, what you did and how you did it. This list has a wealth of benefits including actively showing how you have helped the company which can be used in performance reviews or when asking for a promotion.
  • The Year Ahead
Now you have the working year wrapped up, layout what you want to achieve for the next year. by writing down your goals and looking at them often you will have a better understanding of how you want to achieve them and whether you are on track. And most importantly,  use your time to unwind, spend time doing something you enjoy and surround yourself with people you love.
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