Outkast was born to service an area of the market that was flooded with competition and yet lacking in one crucial element… exceptional service.

This is our story about our beginings, our evolution and a hint of things to come.

Initially founded by our CEO Sam Eid, Outkast Design Manage Construct (Outkast DMC) soon included Bartholomew, Anthony and more members of the Eid family.

Not only did they all share the same goal of bringing their family values to the market and creating a company that put their customers first.

They also had a vast amount of industry knowledge, ranging from property development, sales and leasing through to asset management and tenant representing (lucky that!).

Together with an energetic, vibrant team they formed a company that became synonymous with exceptional service and doing the right thing by their clients.

And that’s why 95% of our work comes from positive referrals!

We are very grateful that lots of people say lots of nice things about us. And they don’t just have positive feedback because we do the right thing by them. Oh no, there’s more to it than that!

The Outkast DMC team know that an office is not just a space. It’s so much more, a well thought out office is an environment that is safe, fun, efficient and ultimately productive.

And it wasn’t long until we had established ourselves as a major player in forward thinking design with a creative design team utilising  cutting edge design trends  anchored with functionality.

Backed up with a dedicated delivery team to ensure all our projects run smoothly.

As Outkast DMC went from strength to strength we realised that there were additional ways we could help support our clients.

And as such the Outkast Group was born.

As a result of our strong client relationships, we had the opportunity to expand into the Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Gold Coast markets.

Dedicated to supporting our clients so they can become more productive, the Outkast Group created Outkast Kastout, our in-house end-of-lease strip-out, demolition and business waste removal company.  In addition, Kaleebre was also born, providing painting glazing and other such services. This allowed us to stream line our office fitouts and keep our clients costs down even further.

Outkast continued to grow, winning work with larger projects, making substantial investments in internal systems and resources to provide a platform for future expansion.

And the story doesn’t end there, the Outkast Group are currently developing other new service streams that will underpin and support our clients procedures even more.

So if you think about… this is only really the beginning.