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So you’re at the stage where you have designed your new office fit out, a space tailored just to you that will support your processes and procedures, enhance company identity and increase productivity. Finishes have been selected, furniture picked and you are that one step closer to move in day.  Now it just has to be built. Cue ominous music. With a budget, multiple subcontractors, deadlines, objectives and expectations to manage, project managers move milestones. It is therefore essential that you have a professional overseeing your project in order for it to be a success. Bad project management can costs companies hundreds of thousands, missed deadlines and blown out budgets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential pitfalls.

A good project manager will have the tools and skill set to simultaneously manage all required, a great project manager will go above and beyond and proactively champion stakeholders to attain their objectives.

And like most things, great ones are few and far between. So what does it take to be a great project manager and run a smooth and successful project? We talk to our very own project manager Farid Rezaeian for the insider info!

  • What do you think is the key to delivering a smooth project?
There are multiple factors involved in delivering a “smooth project”. Understanding the project, client requirements and base building requirements are all key.
  • How do you ensure milestones are met?
Project milestones are met when project is based on an accurate plan and realistic forecasting. Once a project plan is established then it comes down to execution, monitoring site progress, managing suppliers and contractors to ensure milestones are met.
  • What can derail a project?
Impractical project plan, miscommunication between parties, lack of input from stakeholders, poor risk management and incorrect project management methodology such as “do it twice, fast and correctly”.
  • How do you manage problems on site?
Site problems are usually managed by communication between stakeholders. I try to involve relevant parties to understand their point of view and expected outcome. Decision making skills based on technical knowledge, facts and risk management always help in problem solving situations.
  • Are there generally defects at the end of a project and how do these get rectified?
Unfortunately defects are inevitable. There is no way of avoiding defects however there are ways to reduce and control these defects. At Outkast we have established a unique quality control method. We work with a selected number of contractors and suppliers who have passed our quality control checks and have a proven track record of delivering projects at Outkast quality level.

We rectify defects in a timely manner and in way to cause minimal interruption to our clients operation. Most defects are rectified before or after hours.

  • What does it take to be a great project manager?
A great project manager is firstly a great leader. To complete a successful project, a project manager must have deep understanding of the technicality of the project. There are many ways to complete a successful project. However, a great project manager has the ability to find the most effective methodology by means of finding the ideal balance between the cost, time and quality.
  • What is a successful project?
A successful project in my opinion is a project that successfully meets all its stakeholders requirements and expectations by delivering agreed scope in time and within budget at highest quality possible.


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