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Office Moves Made Easy

Relocating your office can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. Whether you're upsizing for growth or looking to revamp your brand image, a move signifies a fresh start. But as many

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At Outkast, we want to guide you through every step of the commercial design and construction journey. In our insights articles, you'll find information on everything from budgeting, design tips, right through to material selections.

Office Moves Made Easy

Relocating your office can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. Whether you're ...

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Warm Shell vs. Cold Shell Office Spaces

Navigating the world of office fitouts can be a complex task, especially when faced with ...

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What Exactly is a Fitout?

In the realm of commercial design and construction, the term 'fitout' is often tossed ...

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The Advantage of Turnkey Solutions for Fitouts

In the complex world of commercial fitouts, time and cost efficiency are paramount. This ...

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How to Maximise Your Office Space

In today's dynamic business world, optimising your office space is essential for ...

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Why Test Fits Are Essential

When it comes to securing the perfect office space for your business, there are several ...

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Understanding the Office Fit-Out Timeline

A common question we encounter at Outkast is, "How long will the office fit-out take?" ...

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Tips for Reducing Office Noise

Open-plan offices are vibrant centres of collaboration. However, the very nature of their ...

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Elevating your Entryway

At Outkast, we believe in the power of exceptional spaces. Your reception area, as the ...

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Latest Projects

From Lobby Upgrades, to Cafe fitouts to Speculative Office Suites and beyond, check out our past projects here.

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