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Make Good in Office Fitouts: A Guide to Restoring Commercial Spaces

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When it comes to office fitouts, the make good process plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition between tenancies. But what exactly is a make good? At Outkast, we have extensive experience in office design, fitout construction and project management and we're here to guide you through this essential phase.

A make good refers to the process of restoring a commercial space to its original condition as specified in the lease agreement. It involves carefully removing any alterations, additions or modifications made during the tenancy and ensuring that the space is returned to its original layout and appearance.

Join us as we delve into the details of the make good process and discover how Outkast's expertise can make your transition effortless and efficient. 

1. Understanding Make Good: The Basics

Before diving into the make good process, it's essential to understand its basics. A make good is typically outlined in the lease agreement, specifying the requirements and obligations for restoring the space. It includes returning the space to its original configuration, repairing any damages and removing tenant-specific installations or additions. Familiarise yourself with your lease agreement to ensure compliance.

2.  Assessing the Scope of Work

To begin the make good process, conduct a thorough assessment of the space. Document the existing condition, identify any alterations made during the tenancy and evaluate the required restoration work. This assessment will serve as the foundation for planning and budgeting the make good process effectively.

3. Planning the Restoration

Once the scope of work is determined, it's time to plan the restoration. This includes returning the space to its original layout, addressing any structural changes, restoring services and utilities and repairing finishes and aesthetics. Collaborate with experienced professionals, like Outkast, who can provide expert guidance and ensure adherence to building codes and standards.

4. Engaging Professionals for a Turnkey Solution

Consider engaging a reputable fitout company like Outkast that offers a turnkey approach. With our expertise in office design, fitout construction and project management, we seamlessly coordinate the make good process while providing comprehensive services for your new office space. Our experienced team will oversee the entire process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

5. Cost Considerations

Budgeting is an essential aspect of the make good process. Evaluate the costs associated with the restoration, including labour, materials and potential negotiations with the landlord. Keep detailed records of expenses and agreements throughout the process to maintain transparency and accuracy.

6. Timelines and Deadlines

Setting realistic timelines and deadlines is crucial to ensure a smooth transition between tenancies. Plan ahead, considering the required restoration work, coordination with contractors and any potential legal obligations. Effective project management is key to meeting the agreed-upon deadlines and ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

The make good process in office fitouts is a critical stage that ensures a smooth transition between tenancies and compliance with lease agreements. By understanding the basics, planning carefully, engaging professionals and considering a turnkey approach, such as the one offered by Outkast, you can navigate this process seamlessly.

Let us assist you in your make good journey and create a new, optimised office space that reflects your vision and sets the stage for future success.

Contact Outkast today and experience a seamless transition like never before.

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