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Maximising Your Office Fitout Budget

office desks with dark furniture and a wooden slat wall in the background

When it comes to the realm of office design and fitouts, one question invariably stands out: "How much does an office fitout it cost?"  It's a query that, while simple, doesn't always have a straightforward answer. Office fit out costs can be influenced by a myriad of factors, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the final budget. Let’s delve deep into these elements, shedding light on fitout cost intricacies and how businesses can make informed decisions.


1. Scope of the Project:
Whether it's a complete customised fitout or a few strategic enhancements, the scope dictates the budget. Comprehensive design and construction projects, encompassing every inch of space, naturally command a higher budget compared to selective, minor tweaks. It's essential to define the project's boundaries early on to set realistic financial expectations.

2. Quality of Materials:
Every design choice, from the type of floors to the style of lights, has budget implications. While premium materials might have a steeper upfront cost, their longevity and durability often translate to long-term savings, proving to be a wise investment over time.

3. Customisation:
Bespoke elements, like tailor-made furniture or unique wall installations, add a distinct touch to any space. However, such custom features can come at a higher cost compared to standard, off-the-shelf solutions. The trade-off? A space that truly reflects your brand's identity.

4. Technical Requirements:
Modern offices aren't just about aesthetics; they're tech hubs. Features like smart lighting, integrated AV setups, or advanced security systems, while essential for today's businesses, can influence the overall cost per square metre. Investing in tech, though, ensures a future-ready workspace.

5. Regulatory and Compliance Costs:
Adhering to local building codes, environmental regulations, and accessibility standards is non-negotiable. While these can sometimes introduce unexpected costs, they ensure the space is safe, inclusive, and compliant, mitigating potential legal issues down the line.

6. Design Expertise:
The calibre of your chosen design team can significantly influence the budget and engaging a specialised design team or architectural firm might carry higher costs. 


At Outkast, we've pioneered a turnkey approach to office fitouts. But what does this mean for businesses and how does it impact fit out costs per square metre?
A turnkey solution implies that we handle every aspect of the fitout, from initial design concepts to the final touches.

This holistic approach offers several advantages:

Cost Efficiency:
By centralising operations, we eliminate the need for multiple contractors, streamlining costs. Our established relationships with suppliers ensure we’re able to source top-tier materials economically, offering clients the best value for their money.

Time Savings:
A unified team ensures smoother communication, quicker decision-making, and prompt resolution of challenges. This cohesion often accelerates project timelines, ensuring businesses can transition into their new space without prolonged downtime.

With one dedicated team from start to finish, there's a guarantee of consistency. The final space will not only mirror the initial design vision in aesthetics but also in functionality, ensuring every detail aligns with the client's objectives.

Office fitout expenses can initially seem overwhelming. However, with a deeper understanding of the cost drivers and a trusted partner like Outkast, businesses can approach the process with confidence. Our turnkey approach, enriched by years of expertise, ensures a fitout that aligns with budgetary constraints while delivering on time and quality.
In the realm of office design, the aim isn't merely to construct spaces; it's to curate experiences brimming with value. 
With Outkast as your trusted ally, you're poised to achieve a fitout that seamlessly marries vision and value.

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