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Reinventing a Vacant Suite in Brisbane’s Bowen Hills.

commercial reception waiting area with single sofas and 2 seater sofa, plants, pendant lighting and wall art
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We're proud to showcase our latest masterpiece, a sophisticated speculative suite spanning an impressive 1400sqm for client Abacus, at 2 King Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane. 

The suite, which had been vacant for several years, originally presented a dark environment with low ceilings and limited natural light. Outkast’s team embarked on a transformative journey, completely reimagining the space to create a bright, welcoming and innovative workspace.

Natural light was a vital element in the redesign. Outkast's design team seized every opportunity to exploit the suite's positioning, optimising window usage and incorporating glass partitions throughout the front of house boardroom and meeting rooms. The result is a radiant space where natural light flows freely, invigorating every area of the suite and fostering a dynamic and productive work environment.

Stepping into the newly remodelled suite, visitors find themselves in an awe-inspiring reception area. It's not merely an entrance; it's a declaration of design excellence. Suspended pendant lighting bathes the area in a warm, inviting glow, while the bespoke marble reception desk serves as a striking centrepiece that aligns perfectly with the refined aesthetic of the space. The waiting area exudes a calm and sophisticated air, mirroring the high-end corporate aesthetic that was fundamental to the design brief.

Beyond aesthetics, functionality was a cornerstone of the redesign. The floorplan was meticulously reconfigured to promote staff density without compromising comfort or productivity. A variety of flexible and dynamic spaces were created to foster open communication and collaboration amongst employees. Soft furnishings were employed to delineate these collaborative zones, providing informal meeting spaces that encourage creativity and interaction.

The design and construction of the suite were guided by the principle of adaptability, anticipating potential modifications by future tenants. This foresight ensures that the space can evolve and adapt, just like the businesses it seeks to accommodate. This flexibility extends to the seamless integration of spaces that create a holistic, high-end corporate aesthetic.

Outkast’s latest project at 2 King Street is more than a workplace redesign—it's a testament to the power of a well-designed space to inspire, facilitate and elevate business operations. It's the transformation of a once dark, uninviting suite into a radiant, dynamic and flexible workplace, ready to meet the needs of contemporary businesses.

The Bowen Hills project reflects Outkast’s ongoing commitment to creating spaces that combine aesthetic sophistication with functional design. It's a testament to Outkast's unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and boundary-pushing design. This project stands as a shining example of the transformative potential of design when it is grounded in understanding the client's vision, responding to the unique characteristics of the space and prioritising the needs of the end users.

In Outkast’s capable hands, a once vacant suite has been imbued with new life, offering a reimagined workspace that speaks to the very essence of high-end corporate aesthetic. The project showcases Outkast's exacting attention to detail and commitment to creating contemporary, stylish environments that foster productivity and collaboration while always retaining the flexibility for future growth and changes.

Seeking unrivalled design and construction services for your workspace? Look no further than Outkast. From comprehensive office fit-outs to support with individual design aspects, our seasoned professionals will  materialise your vision.

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