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At the forefront of innovative workspaces, Outkast's latest project at 747 Lytton Road, Murarrie, Queensland, reimagines the traditional office environment into a flexible and dynamic hub. Spanning 276 square meters, this fitout is designed to adapt to the multifaceted needs of a modern workforce, integrating functionality with a contemporary aesthetic that underscores communication and participation.

The office space is an embodiment of an open format design. It's carefully planned to facilitate day-to-day operations without sacrificing the potential for spontaneous collaboration. The layout is intentional in its fluidity, allowing the space to evolve alongside the changing needs of the company.

A key feature of this fitout is the thoughtful integration of executive offices that offer a clear overview of the team's workspace. This design choice ensures leadership remains connected to the core operations, fostering an inclusive and approachable environment. Glass partitions are a signature element within the space, ushering natural light across the floor and promoting an open, airy feel. This transparency is crucial, not only to the aesthetic of the office but also to its function, enhancing user engagement, mood, and productivity.

The kitchen and breakout area are conceptualised to be more than just a place for lunch; they're central to the office's collaborative spirit. This space is crafted to mirror the comfort and functionality of a home kitchen, providing a welcoming area that encourages team interaction and a break from the digital world.

Outkast’s approach to this project was not just to create a place where people come to work but to craft an experience that blends comfort and practicality. At 747 Lytton Road, employees will find a workspace that feels unconventional yet familiar—a place that supports their professional tasks and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Through our comprehensive turnkey solutions, Outkast has effectively demonstrated that office design is integral to staff work satisfaction and retention. By prioritising flexible and dynamic spaces, we ensure that businesses in Brisbane are well-equipped to not only meet their operational demands but also to retain and nurture their most valuable asset—their people.

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