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Outkast was tasked with creating a dynamic and functional office space for OneKey Resources, a prominent player in the resources sector. The brief called for a design that not only fostered a positive and healthy work environment but also catered to the needs of a growing team.

Spanning a total area of 300 square metres, the design and construction project was designed to include a main office section and an additional sublease space, providing the flexibility required for future expansions. The design was centered around staff-centric spaces that blend comfort with functionality, promoting an atmosphere where employees feel both inspired and supported.

The office features an open format layout that facilitates seamless day-to-day operations, including workstations, casual meeting areas and breakout spaces. Executive offices were strategically placed overlooking the team area to enhance connectivity and oversight.

Aesthetic and functional elements were carefully selected to enrich the workspace. Textured paint walls and black painted exposed ceilings contribute to the modern industrial vibe, while suspended can lights in black with brushed brass accents add a touch of elegance. The kitchen area is enhanced with brass details in the sink, mixer and shelving, creating a refreshing space for breaks.

Ben, the Managing Director of One Key Resources, expressed his satisfaction with the new office: "Just reaching out after being in the office for a few weeks now. Firstly, thank you again to you and your team for delivering a fantastic space for us! We brought the whole National team in last week, and it was a hit – not just in feel and fit out; but it nailed the functionality brief too!"

This project showcases Outkast’s dedication to designing and delivering spaces that are not only visually stunning but also supremely functional, aligning perfectly with the client's operational needs and aesthetic aspirations.

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