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breathing new life into 324 Queen St, for Abacus.

breakout space with black exposed ceilings
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Situated in the heart of Brisbane's business district, our recent project at Level 22, 324 Queen St., exemplifies the profound impact of thoughtful design.

Spanning 706 square meters, this endeavour transcends a mere refurbishment—it's a reinvigoration, a journey to breathe new life into a tired workspace, making it more attractive for prospective tenants.

A Grand Entrance

Our journey of transformation began right at the entrance, with a focus on refreshing the lift lobby. Our mission was clear: to leave a lasting impression. We achieved this by introducing feature glazing, merging clear and fluted glass with sleek black framing. The outcome? An elegant, contemporary entrance that gracefully ushers visitors into the heart of the tenancy, setting the stage for the remarkable changes within.

The Heart of Collaboration

The kitchen and breakout space epitomise the soul of any office—a space where employees gather, connect and recharge. We took this concept and leveraged the existing exposed black ceiling to create a striking contrast. Complementing this industrial aesthetic, we introduced vinyl timber look plank flooring, infusing warmth and visual appeal.

Lighting played a pivotal role in this space, with feature pendant lights taking centre stage, casting a soft, inviting glow over the communal area. Our selection of seating, including bench seating, upholstered chairs and stools, ensured versatility and comfort. It's a harmonious blend of materials and styles, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and relaxation.

A Commitment to Excellence

At Outkast, we don't just renovate spaces; we redefine them.

Our work at Level 22, 324 Queen St., is a testament to our commitment to creating environments that not only meet functional needs but also elevate the human experience within them. It's about crafting spaces that inspire, energise and foster productivity.

It's about designing with a purpose and in this project, we've achieved just that—a vibrant, dynamic and inspiring workspace that stands as a testament to the transformative power of design.

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