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Cafe entrance image of Lait Noir showing tables and chairs outside looking inside to the stone countertop and cafe sign
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Outkast unveils its latest masterstroke, the exquisitely designed lobby café Lait Noir, elegantly positioned within the revitalised ambience of 144 Edward Street lobby in Brisbane's CBD. As a standout feature of a broad lobby upgrade project for landlord Precision Group, Lait Noir transforms a previously isolated food outlet into an alluring, cohesive space.

From the onset, Outkast's design and construction expertise is evident in every facet of Lait Noir. Upon entering the lobby, visitors are immediately drawn to the commanding presence of the café. Outkast's flair for achieving a harmonious balance between individuality and integration is on full display, with the café subtly reflecting the lobby's colour palette and textural themes, while still asserting its own unique identity.

The transformation of the lobby has breathed vibrant life into the space, with Outkast's innovative design creating a striking sense of arrival. Their meticulous selection of materials adds an air of timeless luxury, with custom stone counters and gold accents throughout the café highlighting the opulence of the design.

Inside Lait Noir, Outkast's careful planning is evident in the assortment of seating options that cater to a range of preferences, including cosy booth seating for more intimate gatherings. The floorplan is optimised for functionality, incorporating clear paths, specific seating zones, a distinct entry point and standing and seated waiting zones.

The lavish $450K café fit-out is a testament to Outkast's exacting attention to detail. It showcases 7-metre high ceilings, superior marble benchtops and a design ethos that elevates both utility and aesthetics. Lait Noir stands as a shining example of Outkast's relentless commitment to quality, innovation and boundary-pushing design.

Outkast's dedication to creating contemporary, stylish environments that foster productivity and uplift brands is woven into every aspect of this project. If you're in search of exceptional design and construction services, Outkast is the perfect partner. Be it a complete space overhaul or the addition of specific design elements, the Outkast team stands ready to realise your vision.

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