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Outkast recently completed a prestigious and complex lobby and four-level stairwell construction project for Raptis Investments, designed by Perry Fung Architects.

Over a 12-week period, our team successfully navigated the challenges of working in a live environment, requiring extensive after-hours and weekend work to minimise disruption to existing tenants, including Cartier on the ground floor. The project commenced with the demolition of an existing stairwell space, involving the removal of tiling from rendered walls and stripping the floor back to its base shell. This initial phase set the foundation for the high-end transformation that followed.

We procured exclusive premium finishes for this project to ensure a luxurious transformation. This included importing 3000 x 1800 porcelain tile slabs from Italy and exclusive wall lights from Massifcentral, Germany. These carefully selected materials not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also ensured durability and functionality, meeting the high standards expected by the client and the buildings tenants. Additionally, we installed smoked mirrors strategically to enhance the space's visual depth and modern appeal, while replacing all doors with pivot doors to achieve a seamless, contemporary look.

Our commitment to delivering a premium finish was evident in the application of gold Rimex finishes throughout the space. This attention to detail ensured a cohesive and luxurious environment that aligned with the brand image of the high-calibre tenants. The combination of these elements created a sophisticated and elegant space that perfectly suits the prestige of the tenants, such as Cartier, reinforcing the property’s status as a premium location.

This project exemplifies Outkast’s capability to deliver high-end, sophisticated environments under challenging conditions, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum client satisfaction. The result is a premium space that perfectly aligns with the high standards of Raptis Investments and their esteemed tenants. Outkast’s expertise in managing complex projects and sourcing exclusive materials has once again proven our dedication to excellence in commercial fitouts.

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